But thanks be to God!He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:57). Click on any of the links below.

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Welcome to Victorious Living

Are you experiencing a crisis of faith? Do you feel lost and confused? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges and struggles that you face in your everyday life? If you are looking for support listen to our radio broadcast every Saturday @ 10:30 am on KFAX, a television program every Monday on Impact TV, every Tuesday on The Word Network and on NOW network on Sundays @ 10 pm PT.  Pastor Lita seeks to inspire, empower, and invigorate your faith. Discover God’s grace in your own life today.

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For Our Listeners

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Listen to Radio Broadcast on Saturdays@ 9:30pm PST

Podcast Highlighted this week
~ Bishop Robert Daniels

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Watch Every Sunday @ 7pm, Monday & Tuesday @ 10pm PST, Wednesday and Thursday@ 10:30pm PST and on Fridays and Saturdays @ 9:30pm PST

Tune in to learn how to navigate through life’s struggles guided by the Word of God. Check your local listings for times.

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Podcasts Available For Your Listening

Living Victoriously. We have several podcasts that will be helpful to you.
~ Jesus Wept! (He understands and He knows me)
~ Standing on the Promises of God!
~ He will do it!
~ How to bless The Lord at all time.

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This is Victorious Living with Pastor Lita

Life has its ups and downs. The downs can be overwhelming. Victorious Living will show you how to conquer those trials!

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